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Product Range

With an extensive supplier network, QdosTech provides a wide range of rigid and flexible PCBs, including PTH, multilayer, HDI, micro-via and flex-rigid PCBs. We also make a variety of product finishes and materials available to satisfy customer needs.

If you are not familiar with PCB manufacturing, our design engineers will be able to assess your designs to ensure optimum performance and value.

Single-sided flex


Single sided flexible PCB

The most common type of flexible circuit. Best suited for dynamic flexing application.

Double-sided flex


Double sided flexible PCB

Two conductor layers with or without PTH. Catered to higher density boards

Bare-Back flex


Bare back flexible PCB

Also known as double access flex. Single conductor layer accessed from both sides.

Rigid flex


Rigid flex PCB

Hybrid construction of rigid and flexible substrates laminated together into a single package and electrically interconnected by means of PTH.

Multi-layer flex


Multi layer flexible PCB

Three or more layers with or without PTH. Suitable for higher density and complex circuit design.

Sculptured flex


Sculptured flexible PCB

Flex with varied copper thickness on a single board. Achieved by using precise control of etching factor on different part of the flex.

Split flex


Several single sided flexes laminated together except for the dynamic area. To increase the flexibility of the dynamic area. Widely used in flip-type mobile phones


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